CLASSES (in-studio & online)
Kundalini flow
(no experience required, beginners welcome)

A fusion yoga class based on Kundalini yoga tradition. Includes warm-ups, joint workouts, kundalini kriyas, diverse meditations, sound & essential oil & sound healing relaxations. Each class is dedicated to a particular subject and is always different.

60 — 75 minutes

Good morning class
(for any level)

Various sets to start the day in a positive way. These classes could be both very gentle and relaxing or energetic depending on the subject, but definitely will make you feel good!
60 — 75 minutes

Kundalini yoga

A class designed to work with some particular subjects or client requests. Includes Kundalini yoga sets and sound healing.

60 minutes

Relaxation class

Relaxation individual class with sound healing and essential oil. Dedicated to releasing stress and anxiety. (duration and price depends on the techniques involved)
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